Officina Naturae is one of the "Green Heros" awarded by Alessandro Gassmann at Circonomia

In more than 15 years of our history, none of us could imagine to be called “hero” and awarded by a famous actor!

Silvia e Luca premiati da Alessandro Gassmann

It happened on Saturday 25 may, when we were hosted in Pollenzo (Cuneo province) in the beautiful University of Gastronomic Sciences, built up by Slow Food in the green heart of Langhe.


The launch of Circonomia, "the festival of Circular Economies and territorial energies" which, from 25 to 5 June 2019, involves the territories of the Langhe, Cuneo and Turin. The inaugural day saw us as protagonists of a special award ceremony: together with other Italian people and companies, we were selected by the Kyoto Club for our commitment to create and sustain a circular economy, attentive to the environment.


Silvia e Luca insieme ad Alessandro Gassmann

The surprise had already arrived last April 19th, when we saw ourselves cited as "Green Heroes" in an article in "La Stampa", signed by Alessandro Gassmann, the same great character, sensitive to environmental issues, like no other in his world , who rewarded us on Saturday: he described our history, calling us "Carthusians of sustainability", telling our commitment to wanting at all costs to create ecological products, for the person and for the home, starting from locally available raw materials, up to the research of packaging in bioplastic and ecodesign, and carrying out our work in a building renovated according to the criteria of green building.


If Gassmann's article had pleasantly impressed us, the emotion was even greater during the awards ceremony, because we felt we were an integral part of a virtuous circular "network", in which farmers, entrepreneurs in various sectors and end consumers, are united by a single thread, that of sustainable economy.


I "Green Heroes" dell'economia circolare

For us the real prize was not the simple, but symbolic, aluminum gadget, obviously from a recycling chain, but seeing all our efforts to be "biosustainable" from the beginning and recognized by the people present until the end.


La premiazione con i rappresentanti di Kyoto Club, Slow Food e UNISG

It was a real pleasure to feel appreciated by the characters who led this "illuminating" day: Annalisa Corrado, technical manager of Azzero CO2 and Kyoto Club, Silvio Barbero, vice president of the UNISG university and one of the founders of Slow Food and Roberto Giovannini, journalist of La Stampa and director and creator of Tuttogreen. But it was also interesting to entertain ourselves with the other protagonists of the day: among the many Francesco Ferrante, vice president of the Kyoto Club and founder of Green Italia and the author Roberto Bragalone.

Who knows that the future does not reserve us some other unexpected collaborations... meanwhile, being "Green Heroes" makes us honor and charges us with an ever greater responsibility towards future generations.


It has made us proud to feel part of such a gear that, if extended to a larger scale, can somehow improve the world. This occasion has given us a new push to continue convinced in our work, which does not end only in the research and production of natural and ecological cosmetics and detergents. Alongside this, it will always be our priority to build a transparent relationship with the consumers of our products, with those who are aware and those who are less attentive, with the most experienced and the youngest, providing them with all the tools for a more careful and respectful use of their health and of the Earth.