Biricco line

Biricco is a cosmetic line created to gently cleanse and cuddle our kids with love.

The organic Quince extract is typical of all the products of this line and enriches them with a precious Italian origin ingredient. The formulas have been submitted to latest generation dermatological tests and they do not cause eyes or skin irritation, thanks to the use of vegetable raw materials and organic ingredients.

All products do not contain added fragrances, for a better attention to the sensitive mucous membranes and to the delicate children’s skin.


  • ICEA Eco Bio (organic) cosmetics certified
  • With Italian organic raw ingredients good for environment and child’s health
  • Fragrance-free to respect the natural smell of clean skin, avoid intolerances and reduce allergy risk factors
  • Dermatologically tested by the most advanced laboratory tests to ensure a healthy and mild product
  • Nickel tested
  • Not tested on animals


Biricco products are petrochemicals, parabens, SLES, PEG, and silicones free.