Natù line

Natù, a line for personal care with revitalizing and mild formulas

One of our most appreciated lines by those who are looking for products formulated with few and selected ingredients; ideal for people who love to take care of their body with simplicity and mildness.

Here they are with a new energy: an updated graphic design, a new practical size, an improved Shower Shampoo formula and a brand new Shampoo.


They cleanse gently, respecting the hydrolipid layer of the skin: perfect for the whole family, including the younger children and those with delicate skin.

Slightly scented to limit the risk of irritations and allergies, even for the most delicate body parts.


The Natural Fragrance Free Soap is our best seller product, particularly recommended for those who suffer from severe allergies, intolerances or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Excellent also as a neutral detergent base for those who love to personalize a product with essential oils or vegetable extracts.

For sportsmen and gym-goers, the Shower Shampoo does not weigh the bag and guarantees a spark of energy under the shower.


All Natù products are available in large refill size, that allow you to buy great quality cosmetics with a remarkable money saving, respecting the environment by reducing waste.


Meticulous and scientifically developed formulas that avoid the use of the outdated Sulphates and SLS, such as Sodium Coco Sulphate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate among others, colourants, parabens or synthetic fragrances.


Dermatologically tested and nickel tested.


Our products have been approved by EcoBioControl procedural guideline: all the used ingredients meet the sustainability, ecology, effectiveness and respect for animals criteria.


EcoBioControl possesses a database of substances that, being based on the last scientific researches, are periodically evaluated and updated by a Scientific Committee.