Solara house detergents

Solara is our first line of detergents with organic ingredients and a short production chain!

Solara is formulated by using Italian vegetable oils and limiting the use of Coconut or Palm oil.


The strengths of the new line:


Short production chain ingredients (0 km)
Solara line contains vegetable surfactants derived from Italian raw ingredients, easily available at a short distance and with a low environmental impact of farming, processing and transportation. All the vegetable raw materials were selected without affecting food production and consumption.

Eco-friendly packaging
Solara bottles and jerry cans are eco-designed with the best relation between volume occupied and quantity of product contained. They are also made of a “green polyethylene” from vegetable resources, reducing pollution and CO2 emissions. This bioplastic is also perfectly recyclable.

Concentrated formulas
The special high concentrated formulas make you save more money and space at home.

Certifications and tests
Solara line is ICEA Eco Organic Detergent certified, a guarantee for a low environmental impact and a high efficiency. Those products which come in contact with skin are dermatologically and nickel tested.

Respect for animals
All Solara products are Vegan standard-compliant.


Petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, SLS, SLES, colourings, optical brightening agents free.