"Bio Sostenibile" is our motto

On our product labels you will always find a trade mark which quotes the adjective “Biosostenibile” (translated: “Biosustainable”). This is our seal to guarantee you that behind the creation of each product there is our full commitment in defense of health and environment – that’s why we used the prefix “Bio”–, and not only ...

The word “sustainable” – originally used mainly in the environmental field – now becomes a concept that ranges from the economic aspect to the social one. Recently everyone is realizing that we are slowly destroying all the balances that govern our lives on earth.

The ethical values, the relationships between people, the support and protection, the recognition of the quality and dignity of individuals, the virtuous and transparent management of money, the commitment to produce quality products, to ensure safety and health, without compromising the future of coming generations ... we totally care about all these things, now put to the test by a corrupt system.

Therefore, “Sustainability” becomes for us not just an ideal to keep in mind during production, but a real lifestyle, something that deeply permeates everything we do.

From the company, to the relationship dynamics among owners, employees and partners, from relations with suppliers, customers and consumers, up to interaction with the territory, we try to maintain a transparent and proper attitude. We care to protect people, to listen to problems and suggestions, to interpret the needs, to be well-informed and inform as much as possible through our communication and direct dialogue.

All this is perfectly in tune with our constant goal to make products that use natural and certified raw materials, trying to minimize as much as possible resources and energy waste and avoiding the emission of pollutants throughout our products lifecycle, as regards both formulations and packaging.

Only in this way can we ensure to ourselves and our children a healthier environment, a more fair society and a more virtuous economy. All these things mean for us “biosustainable”, a precious key ingredient enclosed in every product!