Fair and sustainable trade

How many companies producing “green” cosmetics and detergents care to create a network with fair trade entities?


We believe that an “eco-friendly” product must be at the same time “ethic” and “fair”, two qualities that are reflected in our desire to create a network of cooperation with communities directly involved in production.


Chepang girl with a basket of Chiuri seeds


This is the case of the ethnic group of Chepangs, one of the smallest, poorest and marginalized in the Central Nepal.

Since 2004, through a local NGO we started a cooperation project for the supply of Chiuri butter, a vegetable butter –a ghee– used for thousands of years by the Chepang people. The Chiuri butter is the specific ingredient that characterizes the first line of Officina naturae cosmetics.


So, the value-added of our cosmetics is to dedicate our energies in the development of formulas that contain natural vegetable ingredients with special functional and eco-organic qualities, moreover by importing them from a particular world area, such as the Nepal, through a fair trade project.


It has to be underlined that, (co-)operating in this way, we support the Nepalese economy and at the same time the Chepangs’ microeconomics, restoring their dignity and redemption in social and cultural terms.

Also, the local environment remains unaltered, since the cultivation of the trees of Chiuri is suitable for rough soils and improves the quality of lands.


Chepang village surrounded by Chiuri trees


Finally, we combine our constant research on vegetable ingredients suited for body care with the guarantee of the unique traditional knowledge of this people, which is consolidated over the centuries.