Coherent production and continuous research

Increasingly, the media advertisements reproduce brands of traditional detergents and cosmetics – whose use is consolidated – now appearing with a new green look. What behind these changes? A new awareness, the need to follow a new trend in consumption or, even worse, a mere “greenwashing” operation?


We think that it makes no sense to continue producing traditional detergents and cosmetics, alongside ecological ones. Ecology is not a fad, and can not be even only a strategy to sell more.


For over 10 years, since our origins, we are committed in producing ONLY and exclusively ecological detergents and cosmetics, safe for humans and environment.


In line with this choice, encouraged by the technical knowledge and experience gained as critical consumers and professionals in this field, we went for the more complex way of research.

We did not entrust the production to third parties but decided to directly develop our formulations, dealing in person to follow processes, collaborating with research centres for the production of raw materials and with expert consultants in this industry.


Therefore, behind our formulations there is always a constant study:


we take part in conferences of national and international level about new chemical technologies and implications they have on health;

we pay special attention to the health and environment press releases issued by consumer associations and research organizations we are in contact with;

we listen to the needs of our customers, always trying to reply to their concerns;

we try to keep us informed in any way about the consequences that the ingredients in detergents and conventional cosmetics can have for humans and environment;

through a large investment of energy and resources, we study the formulas better suited to the skin and with less impact on nature, subjecting them to sophisticated special tests and, finally, we realize them using innovative processes with a direct control on the outcome.


We took all these pledges to ensure the maximum safety and environmental sustainability in all our products.