Ethical and organic raw materials with a short production chain from small companies

Some raw vegetable origin ingredients of a detergent or a cosmetic, even ecological, –such as Coconut or Palm oil– often run through tens of thousands kilometers before arriving to the production plant. Transportation is associated with increased CO2 emissions, with heavy consequences for our planet’s climate.


Moreover, the safety of their origin and the process of transformation is often not guaranteed: firstly, there is the risk that these ingredients come from intensive farming that could affect local biodiversity or food-growing land, depriving local people of their livelihood. During the processing steps that take place on site, there is the possibility of contamination with other elements that may be harmful to the environment and health. Other scenarios frequently linked to the import are water and oil consumption and less fair work conditions.


Then, what final guarantees does a consumer have, believing to have purchased a product with no ethical and environmentally impact?


As sensible and aware manufacturers, in order to create more sustainable formulas for our products, over time we selected our providers increasingly looking to shorten the production chain.


It seemed appropriate to assimilate the concept of “short production chain” –typical of food area– to our processes, turning it into a concrete goal to which we aim constantly.


In our latest product lines, we have favoured the use of surfactants as Italian oils, raw materials readily available in short distances and/or coming from small companies with organic farming methods and ethical behavior towards their employees.


So, Solara detergents line was created. It is ICEA Eco Organic and Eco Detergent certified and it is the first that uses short production chain ingredients as surfactants, such as the Italian Brassica Carinata and Olive oils, limiting the use of Coconut oil and avoiding the use of Palm oil.


Biricco cosmetic line for children is based on these same principles. It is ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified too, and contains the extract of Italian organic Quince, a precious ingredient from an almost forgotten fruit, rich in emollient and nourishing properties for the skin.


Even for the accessories beside some lines of cosmetics –such as our clutch, the bowl in clay, etc.– we support the made in Italy, using Italian raw materials and promoting the supply of small companies with their own history and their own ethic in production, committed to protect environment in the whole production cycle.



This is just the beginning of a process of research and development of raw materials with lower environmental impact that we started a long time ago and still carry on, investing more and more energy, resources and passion.