About us

Passion and experience

Officina naturae was born for an important need: to create natural cosmetics and ecological and effective detergents, with an ethical production and distribution cycle.


Officina naturae came from an experience gained into the Ethical Purchasing Group of Rimini.


We pursued a great common passion and made the most of many years of experience increased in the chemical-pharmaceutical, bio-building and food fields.


Here are the guiding principles and the “golden rules” we followed to realize our ecological and natural products:


• tested and high quality environmentally friendly products

• simple formulations designed to be effective and safe for humans and environment

• ingredients derived from vegetable or mineral raw materials, avoiding the use of petrochemical or animal origin raw materials or synthetic substances with dangerous effects

• raw materials coming also from organic farming and countries with active projects in support of fair trade


Transparent and credible attitude

We give a great prominence to dialogue and confrontation – even directly – with those who want to know our products and our natural and ethical choices.

Consistent with transparency, you can read here the specifications of all products with complete description of every component, to better understand the meaning and importance of our choices.


Officina naturae is Vegan OK and Cruelty Free standard compliant. We declare that we do not use or commission tests on animals to experiment or develop our products and their ingredients. For further information: http://www.consumoconsapevole.org/cosmetici_cruelty_free/lista_cruelty-free.html