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Natural DIY pesticide

Ricetta Antiparassitario fai da te


Here’s a quick tip to keep unwanted aphids or cochineals far from the leaves or the buds of our beloved plants:


  1. Take the “All-Purpose Cleaner” of the Officina naturae or Solara line, equip yourself with a 750 ml empty spray bottle and, if you have it, a measure that has the capacity of 100 ml (maybe a jar of yogurt);
  2. Pour the 100 ml (three caps) of “All-Purpose Cleaner” –you do not need to be precise– in the empty spray bottle and fill it with 750 ml of water, even tap water is fine;
  3. Head to the plant you wish to treat and begin to spray without hesitation!


The soft foam that will generate, will not have any effect on leaves and flowers, but it will be very unwelcome by all the parasites, while it will be completely harmless to ‘useful’ insects as ants and bees.

A couple of treatments in a few days will be enough to ward off harmful insects, then spray for maintenance once a week, ensuring free and beautiful leaves.

We suggest to carry the treatment out in the evening, the foam will persist longer, improving efficiency, and will avoid any burns on the leaves, caused by the lens effect of droplets with the sun.


This solution can be used both on ornamental plants for horticultural varieties– as you know, our All-purpose Cleaner is easily, rapidly and completely biodegradable– so as being tested for organic farming methods in some Italian farms.

Who tested and passed to us this recipe, also ensures that the magic liquid, dripping down the trunk and reaching the roots, has a strengthening effect on the plant!


A cleaning solution that removes insects and strengthens plants... simply amazing!

Try it, we will wait your comments or concerns with more tips from you...


Have relax in your garden!