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Miscela di oli e burri vegetali, vitamina E, profumo.


Mixture of vegetable oils and butters, Vitamin E, fragrance.

On a dry and clean shoe, apply a small amount of Nourishing Shoe Cream with a soft bristles brush or a soft cloth and spread it evenly over the entire surface.

Carefully apply on seam areas, to ensure better waterproofing.

Allow to absorb for five minutes, then polish with a cloth and remove the excess of product.

The use of the cream may slightly darken the colour of leather. Do not use on suede and nubuk.

If you note a slight white glaze after application, caused by an excessive amount of cream, vigorously wipe it with a cloth or warm up faintly.

Our formula, based on vegetable oils and butters, became fluid at temperature slightly above 17 degrees.

For this reason and for a better conservation, keep the jar in a cool and dark place.

Nourishing Shoe Cream

Nourishing Shoe Cream: a true “cosmetic” for shoe leather care.


Shoe and boot leather is no different from body skin: to keep it healthy, it has to be clean and nourished with care, using products that respect it, excluding aggressive ingredients, mineral oils or paraffins.


Shoe Nourishing Cream is an emulsion of oils and vegetable waxes, including Linseed and Jojoba oils, which waterproofs, nourishes and softens shoe leather, boots, refinements, goods such as handbags, belts and sofas. It prevents the leather from drying, increasing its mechanical strength and protecting it from the formation of wet and damp spots. An authentic beauty treatment!



An high quality product, with unique characteristics. Unlike most silicone and paraffin-formulated shoe ‘waxes’, this cream excludes any ingredient of petrochemical origin and it guarantees the same, if not superior, effectiveness than the most famous shoe care products.





Fantastica! Ha un odore gradevolissimo e le scarpe riprendono un aspetto naturale

Officina Naturae's reply

Grazie, Ester, ci fa piacere che l'apprezzi!

Chiara Latini

Perfetta e non derivata da grassi animali

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