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Cloruro di Sodio / Sodium Chloride


Fill the softener unit with the dishwasher salt, following the instructions of the user manual.

Dishwasher Salt

Our Dishwasher Salt is obtained with a vacuum recrystallization technique, which allows to produce high quality salt and food purity grade.


Unlike marine water evaporation salt, this one has a low content of substances or impurities that could reduce the effectiveness of washing over time.


Its constant use avoids the formation of limestone on the dishes, making them brighter and extending the duration of the dishwasher, preventing the formation of scale.


It also reduces the consumption of detergent by softening the washing water.



Its packaging process is the same as home detergents. For this reason, although it is of a food grade and perfect for dishwashing, it should not be swallowed.




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