Chiuri Butter Cosmetic Line




The natural cosmetics that belong this line are characterized by the Chiuri Butter, a ghee (butter) coming from the mountains of Nepal and used for centuries by Chepang local natives for its nourishing and softening action.

Its high content of phytosterols gives to emulsions a marked restoring and soothing effect for the skin attacked by external agents.



FAIR TRADE PROJECT: Officina naturae started a collaboration with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) from Nepal in order to import and use vegetable origin raw materials, such as Chiuri Butter. Here you can read further information about the project.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Officina naturae uses surfactants derived from sugar and Coconut oil, functional substances of vegetable origin and food-grade preservatives. Officina naturae does not use SLS, SLES, silicones, petrochemicals, formaldehydes and parabens.

DELICATE PRODUCTS: vegetable origin surfactants are low foaming, gentle, effective, dermo-compatible and tolerated by the most delicate skin.

RESPECT FOR ANIMALS: Officina naturae did not perform or commission tests on animals in order to experiment or develop its products and related ingredients.

RESPECT FOR ENVIRONMENT: Officina naturae is deeply committed to develop low-environmental impact products by using natural ingredients, environmentally sustainable materials and easily recycling packaging.

TRANSPARENT AND TRUSTWORTHY ATTITUDE: Officina naturae finds it particularly important to communicate its own philosophy and project.

EFFECTIVENESS AND SAFETY: our formulations are designed to limit allergies and chemical sensitivity.


All products are nickel tested.