Oral Care Line

The Officina Naturae’s NATURAL GEL TOOTHPASTES are ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified and available in the Anise, Lemon and Mint flavours, for a healthy and naturally scented smile! Thanks to the consistent use, the Icelandic Lichen and Zinc Citrate fight the formation of plaque and tartar. The low abrasivity guarantees oral hygiene without damaging the dental enamel and without irritating gums. The Lemon and Anise flavours are compatible with homeopathic treatments. All toothpastes are fluoride free.

Enriched with organic extracts of:

• Taraxacum, with anti-inflammatory features;

• Thyme, with balsamic features;

• Sage, with antiseptic and balsamic features;

• Rosemary, with astringent and balsamic features.


The Lemon and Mint flavoured MOUTHWASHES are ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified and include organic and vegetable origin ingredients. They help to prevent problems related to dental plaque and tartar deposit. They contain organic essential oils, with a balsamic and astringent action, and the Stevia Rebaudiana, that sweetens without causing caries problems. They are dyes, chlorhexidine and triclosan free.


THE ECO-FRIENDLY TOOTHBRUSHES have a handle made by renewable resources, extracted from wood pulp. The bristles are soft in order not to damage the dental enamel and irritate gums. Contrary to toothbrushes with vegetable or animal origin bristles and bamboo or wood handle, they do not ease bacteria or mould contamination.


All toothpastes and mouthwashes are nickel tested.