When mosquitos and other annoying insects get back with the warmth to torment us, PIZZICOFF is the line created to live peacefully your outdoor days!

PIZZICOFF PERFUMED PROTECTIVE SPRAY is a fresh and fast drying spray, perfect for summer. It is enriched by the Catnip extract, an Italian plant, with a great efficacy in the repellent action on the insects. The presence of organic Lemon Grass, Mint and Thyme essential oils strengthen the efficacy against undesirable insects.

PIZZICOFF AFTER BITE is a light formula with a strong soothing effect that, in case of bite, quickly calms the itch thanks to the efficacy of the Helichrysum, Evening Primrose and organic Mallow extracts. Gently massaged with the roll-on, it quickly acts without greasiness on the interested part. It is a pratical 50ml roll on format.

Both products are nickel tested, Vegan and Made in Italy.